Italy to Grant Citizenship to Egyptian Teenager who Saved 51 Students on a Hijacked Bus

Thirteen-year old Ramy Shehata is now a recognized hero by the Italian government. The Egyptian teenager saved 51 students on a hijacked school bus that was also set on fire by his quick-thinking.

After driver, named by police as 47-year-old Ousseynou Sy, kidnapped the students in protest at Mediterranean migrant deaths.

Ramy managed to hide his phone when the driver asked students to give in their phones. He then pretended to pray in Arabic while in fact he called his father and informed him of the whole incident.

“It allowed his father to understand what was going on and to contact the forces of law and order,” said Stefania Bonaldi, the mayor of Crema, the Italian town where most of the kidnapped children are from.

Police forces were then able to locate the bus, break the rear windows and free the abducted students.

The Italian government decided to reward the student with granting him the the Italina citizenship.