What They Don’t Tell You About Long-Distance Relationships

What they don’t tell us about long-distance relationships. First of all, you probably opened this article for a reason. Chances are you might already be in a long-distance relationship, might know you’re gonna be entering one soon, or you might just want to know more about the topic.

So what do they not tell us about long-distance relationships?… Who are “they” anyway? Do “they” actually exist? Is there someone out there who prepares us for how long-distance relationships are really like? The simple answer is: no.

Unfortunately, long-distance relationships are one of those things that you just have to deal with in order for you to understand. And just to be clear, we’re not just talking about romantic relationships over here. We’re talking about any kind of relationships, that includes friends, family, partners, you name it.

Usually there is very little that is known about long-distance relationships, so here are some of the facts that we were never told about.

  • It’s never easy to understand at first


Anyone who has ever tried being in a relationship of any sort with someone who is not physically close to them knows this too well. One day you’re planning to go watch a movie together, but then you remember you can’t really do that anymore. It usually takes people a while to adjust to the change.

  • Keeping in touch is not always easy


This one is very kinda obvious, but a lot of people don’t think about it. Although technology made it easy nowadays to communicate at will, having the right time to do so is not an easy task, especially if time difference is involved. With everyone having their studies and their jobs, the chance to stay in touch with your loved ones not come so often. That is probably a regular part of adult life, but long-distance relationships just add more to it.

  • It can destroy relationshipsgiphy (1)


This is one of the most painful facts about it, and it ties to the previous point. Long-distance relationships are usually subjected to a disturbing change of hearts. This could due to the lack of communication, the lack of physical presence, or maybe just the fact that things are different. Difference is not always accepted by people, and in that case, it can lead to relationships being ruined.

  • However, it can also light a spark

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Long-distance relationships can improve relationships just as much as they can ruin them. Just imagine being far away from someone you love, and living on the hope of meeting them again. Of course you must have had numerous voice/video calls that made you feel less distant, but the moment when you actually see that person again and hold them in your arms… This is enough to make you forget any issues or differences you ever had. Living for such a moment can definitely add a bit of love in that relationship.

  • It’s hard to do, but not so much


For obvious reasons, many people are usually scared when they realise they’re on the verge of entering an long-distance relationship. They usually believe that it’s a relationship that is destined to fail eventually and that there is no point of trying to hold on to it. Yes, it is hard, but it’s doable. As many people as there are around the world who failed with their long-distance relationships, there are much more people with successful stories who have not let distance separate them from the people they care for. People in long-distance relationships do need to put a lot of effort in order to maintain the connections, but with the right amount of love, effort and time management, long-distance relationships can work amazingly.