Captain Marvel: First Solo Female-Led Superhero Marvel Movie To Dominate The Box Office

Captain Marvel, just like most Marvel movies we grew up watching and loving was promising long before its release date. However, we all had our expectations extra high for this one considering that it’s the first solo female-led superhero movie by Marvel; which also got released on the International Women’s Day.

The movie is starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson; taking place in 1995 where Carol Danvers –a former US air fighter- turns into an alien superpowers’ infused intergalactic heroine. Just like it was promised, the movie broke through the box office with a global gross of over 455 million dollars on its first weekend hitting the theaters. Giving everyone pretty higher expectations of it being one of the blockbusters of 2019!

Besides the underlying message of empowerment that the movie holds, it also managed to serve its other purposes of being as thrilling and adventurous as Marvel movies have always been. Therefore, attracting not only women of interest in the message it portrays but also men, who even accounted for 55% of the audience. It is awesome seeing the movie supported and enjoyed by a gender neutral fan base!

“Captain Marvel” being out a year after the cliffhanger ending to “Avengers: Infinity War” has given us the idea that it has the strongest heroine that was able to survive and beat Thanos. The fact that it also came topping “Wonder Woman” after 2 years of its release is keeping us excited about what might come next. Seeing that the bar for solo female-led superheroes is rising higher by the day. Therefore, making it more than just a Marvel Vs DC kind of rivalry, by adding a new realm to it. A realm that is both, very enjoyable and at the same time carries a strong message of empowerment!

The movie has already got its bets on hitting the billion dollar at the box office, considering its groundbreaking success from the first week. However, some critics say that despite its huge success, billion dollars might be a faraway landmark to expect reaching. Regardless, we do believe that the movie is a must watch. Because, how often a year do we get to experience such successful movies that most people agree on and has brilliant production and publication?