Operation Cures Patient from AIDS for the Second Time!

For the second time in history, a man in Britain has undergone surgery and has been declared to be cured from HIV. The unnamed London patient has received a bone marrow transplant from a donor who has a genetic mutation that resists HIV completely. This has only happened once before to Timothy Ray Brown, or also known as the Berlin patient, who has undergone a similar operation and has been HIV-free for 12 years now.

Soon after the operation was announced successful, headlines were announcing the discovery of the cure to HIV. However, and most unfortunately, this is not the case. The cure requires bone marrow from a donor with a rare genetic mutation, and the operation itself is considered to be very dangerous and it had failed with numerous other patients before.

So if a cure was not actually discovered and if we’re not expected to eliminate AIDS any time soon, so what’s all the fuss about? The success of the operation for the second time is a proof that AIDS can actually be cured. It’s a huge achievement that the operation was doable and it gives hope that even though we are not nearly close to finding a cure yet, we know that the solution is somewhere out there.

We now know for a fact that some day in the future the headlines are going to announce the discovery of the cure, and it won’t be misleading then.