7 artists represent their non-academic visual experience through Segelat Basarya

Last Sunday, the 3rd of March, right in the main showroom at the faculty of fine arts, 7 of the 3rd grade promising artists opened their newest exhibition Visual Documents –Segelat Basarya. The exhibition is a great step in both the artists’ lives and the faculty’s chronicle, as it’s the very first time for the faculty to provide one of its halls for students to showcase their work; it has always been exclusive for the teaching staff or group fairs.

The young artists have so much to express and present, and they took the chance to represent their true selves through this exhibition apart from the academic life. Also, they chose the perfect title; Visual Documents, as it takes place inside the faculty, where we-students- relate the most to administrative departments like the students fair and dealing with so many documents through our academic years. And the idea is perfectly represented in the poster designed by Ahmad Hany.

The exhibition includes total of 58 artwork, varies from paintings to ink sketches, sculpture and installation art.

Get to know more about the artists:

  • AbdElrahman Elkomy:

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From painting department, the first artist is AbdElrahman Elkomy. He participated with his unique vision of visuals in Egypt. Rather than painting countrysides, Egyptian farmers and the cliche scenes that used to represent Egypt, he painted the folk side of it. From his artworks summer trips to the beach, a portrait of the pop singer ElSadat and young boys doing their festive dance moves. He represented the newfangled Egypt that many of us can relate to.

  • Hadeer Ehab:

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Moving Forward to Hadeer Ehab, also from painting department. Hadeer expressed how she loves to relate to the medium she uses in each painting, and how this can make her takeout stress or any annoying feeling she holds. Also, she loves stories so much and visualizing them, as she did in one of her master pieces, where a girl lays in a forest of pink roses and trees, in which she describes how when a person is holding specific feelings for someone and waits for any sign or any move to happen, and so all her feelings got sprouted and grew a forest where she sits still, and waits.

Also, she visualized another story with two artworks in which a woman is shown to bring an arrow out of her mouth and a man is injured by one, and how she sees the way harsh words affects us.

  • Mahmoud Talaat:

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An amateur photographer besides his major, Mahmoud Talaat mixed his passion of photography and painting in one project. He found some old analog photographs of his family members that he barely knows, and he decided to restore them in a form of pencil sketches of small sizes and he made different textures using tea and colors before using pencils to make an akin effects of the old fashioned photographs.

  • Mohamed Sabry Sayed:

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From sculpture department, Mohamed Sabry Sayed decided to break all the rules of academic work he got bored of and represent his true self. So, instead of making perfect shinny soft sculptures he got out of the box and made unrestrained work, used colors and presented his concept the way he wants without any conditions.

  • Mohamed Sayed Ahmad:

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Back to painting department, Mohamed Sayed Ahmad participated with oil painting and installation art. Mainly his artworks are his self portraits, but with different versions of himself. He sees that self portraits shouldn’t be identical with our facial characteristics as long as it represents our vision. And so, he represented his own technique and style instead of making so much effort for the facial features to be exactly like his.

Moreover, his installation art is so simple yet meaningful. He always gets many comments on his clothes and specifically for wearing sandals, to the point he got known around the faculty for wearing them. So, he decided to showcase those sandals in the exhibition, inside a glass cube, where no one can touch or hold but to watch as a master piece.

  • Omar Gamal Abd ElBaky:

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And finally, Omar Gamal Abd Elbaky, also from painting department. His artworks represent some of his own thoughts and issues that got his attention. One of them is the matter of being religious the way people try to look like, by wearing earrings or mainly jewelry that says (الله). Another thought is how people can hurt each other sometimes for things that don’t really exists, and many more illustrations that discuss more aspects of life.

The exhibition ends on Saturday the 9th of March. Make sure to pay a visit to the faculty of fine arts, Zamalek and check the exhibition on its last day from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm!