Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson’s Fans on Fire

The first series of “Leaving Neverland” HBO’s documentary, aired on Sunday has got twitter and king of pop Michael Jackson’s fans divided into some of support and others of disgust.

In this part of the documentary, Wade Robson and James Safechuck talk about the sexual abuse they faced as children from pop star Michael Jackson.

Their allegations are that Michael sexually abused them as children for almost seven years taken in consideration all the necessary checks not to be caught.

“He would run drills with me where, you’d be in the hotel room, and he would pretend like somebody was coming in, and you had to get dressed as fast as possible without making noise,” Safechuck said.

Jackson’s life could’ve been over if at some point he was caught, so the measures taken to be on the safe side were kind of fundamental.ea963688-4815-4944-840b-6ca4911d1710

“At the same time the sexual relationship is growing, he’s working on pushing you away from your parents,” Safechuck said.

“Or pushing you away from everybody else, and it feels more like it’s just you and him.”

Leaving Neverland approached a sensitive topic that we’ve lately seen our favorite stars being troubled into, and now, including Michael Jackson, the fans remain divided.

Although, in this documentary Michael was also accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with Brett Barnes and Macaulay Culkin, they both denied and Barnes defended himself stating that these were basic lies being spread. Both of them were not interviewed for Leaving Neverland.

Series two of Leaving Neverland will air on HBO on March 4th.