Reading Is More Than Just A Hobby, It Is A Life Changing Event.


Books have been lying around for ages. From typing machines and paperback books to tablets and online books, the variety is endless and so are the benefits. You may think reading is just a hobby, but in fact it is so much more than that. The benefits of reading go above and beyond just gaining some new knowledge. Delving into the papers of a book can change your life upside down. Besides, when it comes to the need of empowering ones mind and getting the full experience, then nothing will compare to the feel or the smell of a paperback.

Enough talking, now lets get to the real deal!

Paving the way of getting to know ones self more:

 Reading can help you unfold parts in you, you never knew existed. When exposing ones self to new stories, incidents, and emotions, you are opening to your self the gates of trying new experiences and testing your spirit. Reading can help you discover ways and thoughts of solving situations and incidents. Certain categories may even unveil new skills or interests you never came across before. Exposing your self to such knowledge and putting ones self in a characters shoe, can open up your mind and even lead you to make life changing decisions.

Give life to new relationships:

Reading about certain characters can help you become more apt to building new relationships and even become more sociable. Reading exposes you to other people’s problems, conflicts, and emotions. Thus, this will help you sympathize with them on an emotional level and become more understanding.

Moreover, being introduced to several characters provides you with the knowledge of the wide variety people come in. People come from different cultures and religions, and they have different beliefs, thoughts and opinions on things. Therefore, it does not really matter which category you will be reading, whether it is fiction or non fiction, at the end of the day, you are unlocking new parts of your mind that will allow you to comprehend such variations.

Knuckle down, it is time to focus!

Being in this technological dome where we are constantly bombarded with news and information consecutively makes it hard to settle down your brain on one thing. Therefore, just imagine the miracles reading can bestow upon you, when you can simply lie back, grab a warm drink, and slow down your logical engine. All in all, reading helps you slow down the pace and focus on one thing at a time.

A new mean of having fun:

Diving into the pages of a book can help you understand and experience the vast array of emotions in this world. When you get so attached to a story’s characters and incidents, you can either laugh, cry, get angry, sympathize, feel pity, or even get jealous. This is all a part of the fun,

You travel to different places and eras, you live the incidents with the character, you might even get so attached to the character that you merge into it.

No more STRESS!

Being so engrossed by a story’s events can take your mind off this world, and reduce your stress. When you get blown away with the flow of reading, and you forget all your surroundings, you will find that time flies by. Flipping through the papers takes your attention off of anything and bonds you with the character.

Reading is not just something that makes time passes by, reading helps us connect and establish new visions of viewing life incidents and people.