Grand Imam of Azhar confirms that polygamy is a form of women’s opression.


Grand Imam of El-Azhar and former president of Al-Azhar University, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed El-Tayeb, has addressed the issue of Polygamy in Islam yesterday on his weekly television show.

El-Tayeb states that the way polyamory is currently understood is a misinterpretation of the Quranic verses and is vastly unfair to both women and children in the majority of cases.

(*Muslim men are allowed to practice polygamy, that is, they can have more than one wife. It is under the umbrella term of polyamory.)

El-Tayeb also insists that polygamy is not the basis in Islam as that freedom to choose multiple wives is constricted by certain boundaries and conditions that are essential to be met.

In a statement released Friday on their official twitter account , Al-Azhar asserted that “women’s rights and issues should be among the first to be addressed and discussed among ourselves as, by not doing so, it would be as though we are walking with one leg.”