The guy behind the trendy meme for Egyptians, and why this trend should stop.

Bullying as we know is worse than ever especially in this generation of technology where cyber bullying exists. Even though we share and repost memes just for the fun of it, we never know the people behind said memes and what they could possibly be feeling to have their face used as a joke.

It surely differs from one person to another, sometimes it’s a willingly shared meme and sometimes not and could become an absolute devastation to whoever’s face is used in the meme.

Lately, Abdel Rahman Al Shahrany has made an appearance on a show called ‘Ya Halla’ to discuss and talk about his experience of extreme bullying and trolling -even in real life- for being the subject of the trendiest meme through all social medias. He told the interviewer that he was on the verge of committing suicide due to the hate and constant comments he’d get on his Instagram which already had a large follower base.c9e9c6d5-1fb2-4bf0-b850-99b9fa8c983b

He also mentioned the fact that he’s a cancer patient and that the treatments affected his facial features permanently.

All that we ask of you right now is to make sure that the memes you share wouldn’t be something that’d hurt someone else.

Be careful of what you say and repost, you always have a possibility of driving someone to depression unintentionally.