5 Egyptian Bloggers That Every Hijabi Should Follow

When it comes to fashion, Hijabi Girls had been struggling to find clothing items that are both trendy and modest because back then they didn’t have many choices. But nowadays, Hijabi Fashion has become more widespread and the number of Hijabi bloggers has become bigger that we can’t help but fall in love with these beautiful Hijabi influencers who are changing the face of modest fashion.

Since, there are too many Hijabi bloggers to check their Instgram accounts for styling tips, we wanted to help you and selected 5 of the best Hijabi bloggers in Egypt for you to follow.

1-Farah Emara:

Farah is not only a fashion blogger but a lifestyle blogger who tries to leave a part of herself in everything she does. Farah knows how to dress for her age. You’ll notice that her style is very unique and very cool that you can definitely turn to for everyday style inspiration. She also has her own brand “Wa Hekaya” that aims to bring back headwear fashion into our present day.

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Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

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2-Aya Elshehaby:

Aya is the creative brains behind 100 Looks, she started her blog by challenging herself to put together 100 modest yet modern looks for every Hijabi. She wears literally everything and she knows how to style different patterns and colors creatively.

3-Sahar Foad:

Sahar is an Engineer who knows how to mix and match between different styles. She is also a mother to a beautiful young girl and their photos together are very cute and very inspirational.

4-Meyasser Ahmed:

Meyasser is a mass communication graduate who turned into the fashion industry. She is the owner of the modest clothing brand “Taj Sisters” and her style is quite simple and casual which is what you exactly need.

5-Toqa Khalifa:

Toqa is not just a fashion blogger but she’s also an architect and a traveler. Her style is very casual and revolves mainly around jeans. Toqa can rock anything and her style is easy to copy, you just have to be as cool as her.


Rock your Hijab girls!