Is there a ‘High School Musical’ sequel in the making?

Don’t we all miss Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from our childhood movie that has been out for thirteen years now?

Well guess what? A reboot for high school musical is in the works right now; however it’ll be in a TV show form of ten episodes and takes place after fifteen years from the original movie. It will take you on a trip down memory lane as it will also reflect how life is now in 2019. Although it’s a whole new cast of Wildcats, it’s granted you’ll fall in love with their characters, you can already see how excited they are to start shooting the show.526c6eb5-a2ca-4480-93f3-d29587c39a7f

It will be a complete delight for HSM die-hard fans to watch a musical that shows a new side of music -our modern music at that! The storyline follows the new Wildcats on their journey of putting together an unforgettable performance for their winter musical.

Get ready for a whole new batch of drama; however, in the meantime, re-watch HSM’s movies because the shooting just started and the show won’t be airing any time soon!