To every time discipline served us when our passion was not enough.

There is absolutely no doubt that passion is the fuel that gets us through life and that without, it we feel soul-less; like none of what we do makes us feel fulfilled or content with where we are or what we are doing. However, is passion always enough to get us through the day, especially on those nights where we are often too drained from life or from a recent consecutive series of failures/disappointments, to actually get out of bed and do what it takes to chase that passion?

The answer might be a yes for some of you but, personally, I’ve always thought that as much as passion is the grand force that pushes us to achieve things in life and find our purpose, there are times where we need some external buffers that passion alone is never enough to cover by itself.

It happens to all of us sometimes, where we find ourselves too engulfed in a routine that makes us feel heavy and incapable of giving any more in what we are doing, regardless of how much we are passionate about it and want to achieve all we can in it. In these moments, I’ve always believed that it was discipline that got me out of bed each morning, not just passion.

You see, passion and motivation are great, but at a certain point you realize that they can turn against you when you feel like you’re not doing what it takes to be your best version with them; because sometimes it can eat you alive to realize how much self-potential you might actually be wasting.

Therefore, it is mostly the self-discipline, determination and commitment that guide us when our vision is too clouded with life’s exhaustion and challenges. When we feel like all we want to do is take a break, stay in our comfort-zone and stop chasing things, discipline comes to save the day -in a quite literal meaning too sometimes- until we get to where we are destined to be.

Unfortunately, passion alone doesn’t guarantee you an easy, happy life full of rainbows and butterflies. However, it puts you on the right track to get to the quality of life you think you deserve, paving the way for your discipline and determination to push you further on it; until you’ve reached your greatest potential.