Juventus Aims to Get Mohamed Salah to Join Their Team With a £43.9m

Being the fifth most expensive player in the world, Juventus has decided to go through with a bid that puts Egyptian Star Mohamed Salah on the same team with Cristiano Ronaldo.
According to reports in Italy, Juventus has prepared an offer of €50m(£43.9m) plus giving up Paulo Dyabla to get the Egyptian legend to join the team.
Salah has become a worldwide footballer catching the attention of millions all over the world, not only that but also his humble down-to-earth persona has definitely gained him some points from the public too.
Ever since he joined Liverpool, he had kept on improving until he reached this point of his career which would surely be a turning point in his life. This football prodigy will keep surprising us by his talents and achievements.
However, fans of Mo Salah don’t believe that he will leave due to his loyalty for the team. Until further notice we can’t confirm if this bid will be accepted by Salah or not.
Do you think Salah is going to move to Juventus? Stay tuned for further details.