Will.I.Am To Collaborate With Majid Al Futtaim To Build A Tech Company The Size Of Amazon

“If you thought MAF was not a tech company the size of Amazon, think again. Let’s go.”

It’s happening people! It has been officially stated through a video on Instagram that rapper and music sensation Will.I.Am is collaborating with Majid Al Futtaim; the Emirati holding company based in Dubai.


The two will work on establishing a tech company which will be called “Omega” will hopefully one day be compared to Amazon when it comes to the size and the quality.

“Data is the new oil, data is the new power. And personal AI is more important than the personal computer today,” said Wil.I.Am

We foresee a bright future ahead of us when this new technology hit the streets. We will keep you updated with everything related to this project.