Netflix’s Russian Doll: Best Show of 2019 So Far!

Released on February 1st this year, Russian Doll have had pretty good audience reactions. The first of its three series is considered one of the shows that are topping the charts this year.

The series writing credits go to Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland and Natasha Lyonne who also stars as (Nadia Volvuokov) alongside Charlie Barrnet as (Alan Zaveri)  


In the Russian culture, the Russian Doll is a series of round, rosy-cheeked wooden women nested inside one another. It’s considered a symbol for the feminine side that is associated with family. Thus, this Russian Doll is often used as to represent a mother carrying a family’s legacy by her child in her womb and a metaphor for the unity of body, soul, mind, heart and spirit.

One thing we suppose was intentional is the link between the show’s and Natasha‘s real and character names “Nadia“. All happen to be slightly Russian in favor to the show’s main plot; that Nadia had issues with her mother.ddf73fc1-4d76-4762-b22e-1690c99529c9

Nadia happens to experience multiple events that always end up with her dead, revived and back to the beginning of the day in a bathroom. She got kind of trapped in a loop.

The first half of the show is just Nadia alone trying to figure out what’s haunting her at her 36th birthday party that she even questioned her own friends until a mid-season twist at which she meets Alan in an elevator; who has been going through the same loop as hers.

Both Nadia and Alan go on an eight episode hunt building theories to justify what’s really happening to both of them.

On their way from the first death to their fifteenth, the couple’s experience gets harder every time and the days started to have slight changes, as mirrors and people disappearing.

This has taken us to why Nadia was a game developer. The slight changes that occur in her birthday party and Alan’s last day imply the existence of infinite possible multiverses that can come forward and they’re not escaping it right, just like the video game they were playing at Alan’s and created by Nadia herself.

Both had to solve the unresolved issues of their past, Nadia’s younger self that lives with the guilt of her own mother’s death and Alan’s immoral reaction to Beatrice cheating on him.

When both issues are cleared, our protagonists die for the last time, but in different universes. Healed Nadia meets Alan on the night of his first death, and healed Alan meets Nadia on the night of her first death. Although, they make it and it seemed to us that they’ve broken the loop.

The season finale where they were seen moving in a parade was not totally explained by the creators, it was left ambiguous for the viewers.