Here is why solo travelling is SoLo-vely

Travelling with the right company of family or friends is a window of opportunity for a hell lot of unforgettable memories, but is it always a rule? Being surrounded by people and exploring a new place with them is interesting, but have you ever wondered what might change if you got to do it on your own, having the time and peace to actually dive into the experience all by yourself the way you want to?

  • You deserve a break all by yourself!

With the hectic everyday life, its stresses and demanding needs of being socially active, present and attentive all the time, it is important that we take a break every once in a while to relax and restore back some peace of mind. We all deserve the kind of recharge that only a good getaway can give us.

  • It’s a journey of self-discovery before it’s anything else.original

Just like Julia Roberts did in the iconic movie “Eat Pray Love”, sometimes you just need to take a break on your own and think about where your life is at and where you want it to be heading next. Solo travelling is a guaranteed catalyst to get you there without you even noticing it. Whether it is a new hobby, an interest or even a different perspective, it gives you the time to wander and explore things about yourself that you never thought existed.

  • You make the rules!a1b624bada25d20dd1fdf3072b54ae15

Travelling with a group of friends/family can be all fun and games until a decision needs to be made, whether it’s where to go next, what to do or even what to eat. Travelling solo means you get to decide everything on your own, according to what you want most, saving you the hassle of group arguments or having to compromise your own interests for anybody else’s.

  • The sense of empowerment of being on your own.giphy (2)

Apart from the fact that you’ll be enjoying your journey, there is always going to be that strong feeling of empowerment and achievement that you were able to rely completely on yourself and enjoy being alone somewhere completely new to you and far away from home. That feeling of independence is guaranteed to make your trip 10 times more interesting and memorable.

  • It’s much easier to socialize with more people and make friends.

Being on your own in a city you don’t know dares you to step out of your comfort zone, socialize and get to know new people, which is somehow not the case if you already have your own company while travelling. People tend to approach and talk to someone alone more than they do with a group of people.

Travelling whether on our own or with someone is a life changing experience. You learn to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone as you discover new perspectives and lifestyles.

However, I do believe that having that great experience on our own and taking the time by ourselves to recharge it is definitely worth giving a shot at least once in our lives.