Emiliano Sala: Privately Funded Underwater Search Underway.

Around two weeks ago Emiliano Sala, the player holding the highest transfer fee in the history of Cardiff City did not make it to the Welsh capital. The plane carrying Sala and pilot Ibbotson disappeared over the English channel on January 21st.18efed96-a8e1-4449-b3db-80682e8a3f77

The Argentine Sala was flying from Nantes to Cardiff after completing his dream move to the Premier League side Cardiff City.

Guernsey police stopped looking for Sala and Ibbotson three days later, with officials saying the chance of them being alive was extremely unlikely.

Later on, a GoFundMe page raised over £300,000 in hope to carry on a privately funded underwater search for Sala and Ibbotson.

Marine biologist and Chief investigator David Mearns leads a team of two vessels in the private underwater search of Emiliano Sala.

David Mearns who claims to have located 24 shipwrecks before is working on behalf of the Sala family in close coordination with the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), who’s supplying one of the vessels conduction the sonar search.

The search for the wreckage has been narrowed down to four square nautical miles – it lies 24 miles (38.6km) north of Guernsey towards the French coast.

The search will go on in a grid pattern called “mowing the lawn” as to make sure they have 100% coverage of the area. Once a wreckage is located, it’ll be identified by a robotic vehicle.b0debcbd-10f5-4ad0-b28b-3944d1c1f777

“If it was summertime it would be straightforward but there’s a lot of complications. I don’t want to give people false hope, there’s never a guarantee with a search, particularly in this area where wreckage can actually move. We saw earlier this morning there were seven French trawlers in that area with scallop dredgers on the seabed.” said David Mearns.