7 Ridiculously Expensive Food Items That People Actually Pay For

How much money do you usually spend on your average meal every day? How about on special occasions when you want to pamper yourself and give yourself a treat? I want you to recall the most expensive meal you ever had to pay for, remember the mini heart-attack you had when you got the cheque and realized the amount of money you had to pay. Well, be prepared to experience that mini heart-attack again, because we’ve gathered 7 food items that will make your wallet and your bank account cry.

7- Billion Dollar Popcorn ($50)

Don’t worry, it’s not really for a billion dollars. You can buy 450gm of this delicious popcorn for only $50! The reasons why this popcorn is so different from the one we put in our microwaves according to the creator’s website: “organic sugar, butter from Vermont Creamery, and of course Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla”, and if all of that isn’t enough for you, the corn is covered in 23 karat edible gold. That’s right, edible gold! I know people say the world is going mad, but this is too much.

Billion Dollar Popcorn

6- Bazooka Burger (1,495 EGP)

In 2017, the local burger joint “Food Gun” announced their latest addition to their menu. A 250gm piece of Wagyu beef burger which – according to them – comes from Japanese cattle that used to drink red wine and get special massaging sessions. Almost two years later and I still don’t understand, if the cows ordered some fancy wine and a masseuse, why should we pay their bills?

Bazooka Burger

5- Westin Bagel ($1,000)

Ok… It’s a bagel, and…. What’s so special about it again? Oh no! Edible gold again?! Okay seriously who came up with that idea that makes the price of bagel jump from $5 to $1000 by putting some fancy cheese and flakes of gold on top of it?

Westin Bagel

4- Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata ($1,000)

Officially the most expensive omelette in the world. This $1000 breakfast is made out of lobster and caviar covered with egg and fried potatoes and is featured on the menu in a restaurant in New York. I get it that lobsters are great and everything, but I really wonder how many people have actually spared a thousand dollars to spend on an omelette.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

3- Golden Phoenix Cupcake ($1,224)

When I first read about cupcake being sold for 1224 dollars, I got so confused, but then I knew it was made in Dubai and suddenly everything made a lot more sense. Why so pricy, you ask? Simple! The ingredients are imported from Italy, Uganda and the UK and the secret ingredient is… *drumroll*


Golden Phoenix Cupcake

2- Luxury Zebra Cro (1,500£)

It’s a doughnut… Yes, it is made of Iran Saffron, Champagne, caviar (what the…) and Tuscan chocolate, but it’s still a doughnut! If I’m able to pay 1500 pounds for a doughnut, I better have my own batmobile! But at least it doesn’t have any gold.

wait, it does? IT DOES?!

Luxury Zebra Cro

1- Pizza Royale 007 ($4,200)

Now this just makes me feel like I need to cry. I feel like this is more of cocktail than a pizza! Topped with caviar that is soaked in Champagne, lobster that is marinated in 100-year-old cognac and of course, 24-karat gold dust. I hope the world ends soon.

Pizza Royale 007

I think that now it’s safe to say that I officially hate gold!