Film Directors you didn’t know they never went to film school. (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote an article about film directors who never went to film school, and now I’d like to give you the second part of it! As we’ve all seen in it, talent isn’t defined by what you study. So, here are some other directors who don’t have a degree in film, and you will be stunned!

1. Paul Thomas Andersonpaul-thomas-anderson-phantom-threadHe’s the director of masterpieces There Will Be Blood and Magnolia. He spent only two semesters studying English at Emerson College and then only two days at New York University. Right after, he started his career in film as a production assistant on television and films!

2. Christopher Nolannolan-feature-e1500431534655Nolan created an identity for himself. His movies are famous for how complicated the plot is, leading usually to mind blowing plot twists. He has an English Literature degree from UCL and made his first short movie when he was only 19! And obviously, there’s no need to say his most famous movie is Inception!

3. Sergio LeoneSergio-Leone-fotoWho hasn’t watched The Dollars Trilogy at least once? Sergio Leone is the father of the so called Spaghetti Western genre. In my humble opinion, he’s the best director who ever created western movies. Leone was studying law before dropping out at age 18, and pursue his career in the film industry after seeing his father working on film sets. Indeed, his father was Vincenzo Leone aka Roberto Roberti, an Italian actor and director.

4. David FincherDavid-FincherAnother iconic director of iconic movies just made it to the list! He directed masterpieces Fight Club and Se7en, and he had a very long journey with film, as he started filming movies at age 8 with a 8mm camera. He directed plays in high school and designed sets and lighting, and started his career in film at Korty Films as production head!

5. Stanley Kubrickstanley-kubrick-musicLast but not least, Stanley Kubrick left his own footprint in the history of cinema. He made movies ahead of their time such as a 2001: Space Odyssey. A Clockwork Orange an The Shining are also some of his masterpieces. He was a photographer in the beginning as he worked in Look after graduating from high school. His grades were very low that he couldn’t enroll into university, but it was still a beginning of a journey!

Here we are done with the list, but don’t these people inspire us to work hard to become who we want to be no matter how hard it can be?