5 Facts About Adulting That We Were Not Told About

As we start to get older we start to face all of these challenges and hardships to come with being an adult. Some of them we expected as we heard and witnessed them while growing up, and some, well you get the idea. So here are some of the facts about officially becoming an adult that we wish we knew beforehand.

1. No Summer Vacation
Yup, that’s right no more those glorious three months summer vacation, when you get the chance to travel, relax and sleep till noon. Instead, you’re lucky if you get two days off from work each week.

2. Staying in bed on a Friday night instead of going out
There was a time that you would do anything instead of staying at home, you would go cruising with friends, have a drink at the coffee shop or even just hang out in your neighborhood. Now the coin has flipped as you would trade all of that in exchange for staying in your bed watching your favorite movie/TV series while drinking your favorite beverage.

3. University Degree doesn’t mean Dream Job
You spend 4 years and maybe, even more, studying to get your degree, you go through exams, projects, and presentations to finally receive your diploma. However, post-graduation there is a big chance that you will work in a field that has no relation to your obtained degree.

4. Your own salary means your own financial responsibility
You finally know get to know when it means to have financial responsibilities, given a salary every month means that you’re responsible for the financial aspects of your life, from paying for gas for your car to paying for monthly bills and groceries.

5. Nothing in your life is figured out yet
Contrary to have been said, even when you’ve reached your mid-twenties nothing in your life is figured out yet. Whether it’s your work, personal life or marriage, you just have to take it one day at a time to figure everything out.

Post graduation life isn’t all flowers and roses, but it is okay to still be discovering who you are!


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