12 Signs A Man Is Serious About You

Most of the time, and opposite to women, men have a hard time communicating their feelings or expressing their emotions. This can lead to serious issues in relationships. However, men tend to subconsciously display what they are thinking. Granted, there are some signs that you can look out for to understand how your man feels and to know how serious he is about you. Here are some things a man does when he is head over heels:

1. He listens

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By nature, men tend to focus only on the things they care about; their hobbies and interests, for example. Even so, their attention span is pretty short. But if a man really loves you, he will focus on you too. He will pay attention to whatever you have to say and for as long as it takes. More importantly, he won’t just hear you speaking, he will listen, and in turn he will always remember the tiniest details.

2. He smiles

As cliché as it sounds, sometimes you know how much a man loves you from how happy he looks with you. I’m not saying he has to be ecstatic all the time! But no matter what he is going through, if he is happy with you, his behavior will automatically change when you are around. So, if he smiles wholeheartedly just as his eyes land on you, then he is IN LOOOVE.

3. He fights (with you and for you)

YES, fighting is not always a bad omen for the relationship. It’s often an indicator of caring. If a man is actually serious about you and totally invested in your relationship, he will take the time to argue, debate, and fight. In fact, fighting will give you the chance to know what can go wrong between you two, and push you to fix it.

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Also, he will fight for you. He will stand up for you and do whatever it takes to not lose you. He will always go the extra mile in order to make you happy and prove to you how much he deserves you. If that’s not called fighting, I absolutely don’t know what is.

4. He is always proud of you

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If a man is serious in a relationship, he moves past his ego surges and acknowledges your achievements just as if they are his. He never competes, never envies, but instead takes pride in whatever you do, and always celebrate your victories with you.

5. He is not looking for change

When a man sees you as “the one”, he is not always anxious to change you or your relationship. He will be satisfied and will actually try his best to keep everything the same. He won’t get enough of you and will support you and help you grow, rather than try to change who you are. He will only strive for change when it’s a rough patch in your relationship. Just then, he will be trying to change things only for the better, intending to fix, more than “change”.

6. He is not afraid to be himself

Being comfortable and relaxed around your partner counts for being serious about them. When a man is happy with you, he lets his guards down and shows you who he really is deep down. He isn’t afraid to talk about his dreams, his fears or even tell his stupid jokes out loud.

In addition, someone who is in love doesn’t fear being vulnerable in front of his beloved. So, a man who is serious about you should be trusting enough to unveil his sensitive side with you. Despite being a bit hesitant or afraid, he will ideally burn down those walls to get closer to you. At the end of the day, both partners have to be fully comfortable with one another for the success of a relationship. This leads us to our next point:

7. He tells you everything (And includes you in everything)

Even if you believe that some things should be left unsaid or kept in private, you can’t deny than when a man shares things with you, he sees you differently. He will let you in completely and not only talk to you about everything, but also try to have you involved as much as he can. He takes you to places, he lets you in about everybody in his life and what he does all the time. He even values your opinions and doesn’t take steps without getting back to you, starting from major decisions to everyday outfits. Simply put, he wants you to be a part of his life, if not the main core of it.

8. He shows you off

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A man in love will seize every opportunity to tell the entire universe that you are his and show everyone how much he values you. He is not ashamed to post pictures with you, he is eager to get you to meet his friends and even his parents, and he is never embarrassed of you. If not, beware of a man who hides you from his world.

9. He worries about you and protects you

For me, that’s one of the main indicators of a man’s love. The way he would place himself between you and anything that may hurt you or threaten your safety. He calls and checks in whenever he can, just to make sure you are okay. Always vigilant and always on guard, he cares for nothing as much as he for you to be happy, safe and sound. (Only not in a cheesy or unnecessarily overprotective way. We don’t want a stalker)

10. He plans adventures with you

And he is always excited about it.

Planning trips or even outings for the two of you is definitely one of the top signs he wants you to stick around. Not only does he want to be close to you as much as possible, but he also wants to give you the best time ever and make priceless memories that you will never forget.

11. He will unconsciously make sacrifices

Without even knowing it, a devoted man will let the world burn to ashes for you, if you are on his list of priorities. He’d sweep away appointments and cancel plans to be with you in a time of need. If he shifts his life and shuffles his arrangements for you, he is absolutely a keeper.

12. He talks about the future

Regardless of your declared intentions regarding marriage, if you are married, or just keeping it casual for the time being, if he talks about future with you, (near it be, or far), you can be sure that he has deep feelings. He doesn’t want to go anywhere other than be with you for as long as it takes, if not forever. He will be making plans, talking about how cute your children would be, or even how funny you’d look together when you grow old. Including the future means that he is looking for a healthy and stable relationship with you. And that is hard to find.

Every woman needs her man to prove to her that she is his highest priority. No matter where life takes you, a faithfully loving man will always be beside you and there for you. Through ups and downs, signs will guide you to whether or not he loves you or wants to live his whole life with you. And only then, you will see it in his eyes and “when you know, you know”.