Egyptian Box Office: ‘Glass’ Knocks Out ‘122’ and Tops This Week’s Earnings

January’s breezy days and chilly nights often announce the commencement of the annual mid-year vacations, which mark the zenith of our local cinematic industry during that time of year. Setting off this year’s season, a handful of Egyptian flicks were released in cinemas alongside the usual bulky stack of American films that are being screened throughout the year.

After amassing the highest profits in Egypt during the past couple of weeks, the grosses of the aspiring film 122 have taken a dive this week, leaving the #1 spot in our local box for James McAvoy’s Glass. On a similar note, the monetary performance of Aquaman is still intact, coming in the third place of this week’s earnings, followed by Khaled El-Sawy’s The Guest, which came fourth.

Here are the exact figures of the earnings of the top 7 films in the Egyptian cinemas this week:

1- Glass



This week’s earnings: 2,830,040 EGP

Total earnings: 2,830,040 EGP

2- 122



This week’s earnings: 2,436,049 EGP

Total earnings: 15,275,185 EGP

3- Aquaman



This week’s earnings: 1,771,500 EGP

Total earnings: 17,597,920 EGP

4- ِAl Daif (The Guest)



This week’s earnings: 1,652,159 EGP

Total earnings: 4,125,939 EGP

5- Armat Beyetmarmat



This week’s earnings: 1,121,971 EGP

Total earnings: 1,121,971 EGP

6- Sa3et Reda



This week’s earnings: 662, 362 EGP

Total earnings: 2,273,681 EGP

7- El-Badla



This week’s earnings: 406,514 EGP

Total earnings: 66,693,739 EGP

Which movie are you watching this weekend?