An Egyptian Man Falls Dead While Defending a Sexual Harassment Victim

Yesterday, in Egyptian man lost his life after being stabbed while defending a sexual harassment victim, a source told Ahram Online.

The 36-year-old hero, named Sayed Taha, decided to take an action when he saw a passerby getting sexually harassed. Taha then got into a fight with the harasser which resulted in him being stabbed to death, meanwhile, the attacker has been arrested.

This is not the first incident in Egypt where a man loses his life defending a woman from harassment. Less than a year ago, a man was murdered while defending his wife during Eid break.

Sexual harassment has been an alarming topic, not only in Egypt but all over the globe. Many celebrities and public figures took it to social media to share their stories and empower one another. However, after all, some people still find it right to harass women and go far enough to murder those who defend the victims.