After a cryptic tweet, Salah deactivates all his social media official accounts

After the Egyptian king tweeted a very cryptic tweet yesterday that left all his supporters baffled, he left them more baffled this morning when he suddenly shut down all his official social media accounts.
After almost two weeks of his social media silence, he came out with his 2019 resolution which might be a little bit too late, where he tweeted “2019 resolution: time to get in touch, for real.”.

People have been trying to figure out what that tweet meant, some people suggested it could be another arising problem with the Egyptian Football Association, but according to the Liverpool media a source near the Egyptian star suggested that there is nothing to worry about regarding his deactivation, and that everything is going alright with the Liverpool club as well as the Egyptian Football Association.WhatsApp Image 2019-01-23 at 3.31.35 PM (1)

Other people suggested that with the upcoming important fixtures in the champions league against Bayern Munich and the ongoing title race in the premier league, that the Liverpool star should keep his head off all the social media’s tough criticism of him being a diver and a one-season wonder and let him focus on the “real” challenge ahead.

But does Salah really care about Social Media?

After last week’s match against Crystal palace in the premier league, where Salah scored two goals, beating Harry Kane and Aubameyang to the Top scorer chart with two goals difference and proving he isn’t a one season wonder as some of the rival club’s fans suggested, people kept accusing Salah of diving after he went down after a contact with Mamdou Sakho the crystal palace defender. Salah was awarded four penalties in his last four league games, and this is exactly why people think he might be diving to win the penalties as it’s hard to score goals, and that he should have been sent off.WhatsApp Image 2019-01-23 at 3.31.35 PM

Back in 2018, on Salah’s interview with Amr Adib, he was asked if he constantly checks social media. Salah stated that he doesn’t really care about what the social media has to say, and that it doesn’t change his mind about his qualities or his ambitions. So, perhaps the 26 years old just wanted to get his head off from all what the social media has to say right now, and just focus on his football work where he can show off his qualities on the pitch, and focus on the real challenge waiting ahead of him with his club not winning any titles for years now.

Others have suggested that it is a part of a campaign to raise the awareness of the importance of real life communication to help people quit social media, and stay in touch with reality. In this case, his “time to get in touch, for real.” makes a lot more sense, and the point has been successfully delivered to people. However, if that’s the case, will this campaign be a hit such like his last anti-drugs campaign where it has reported a 400% rise in calls?