Here’s How Being a Film Junkie is Actually Beneficial

There’s a dull conception strongly held among the majority of us regarding watching movies. A theory was established out of nowhere and it labels film junkies as lifeless and introvert individuals, when in fact, the criticized act of excessive movie-watching is actually of a considerable benefit in more than one direction.

See, besides it being a solid getaway, an entertaining tool and a convenient time passer, in my opinion, the matchless gain of constantly watching movies is it being a wormhole, a wander into new time and space dimensions, where you’re mentally unmasked and open for new concepts, experiences and engagements with a virtual world the film just creates for limited interval of time.

For me, I’ve always seized the cinema experience as a customized trip; where I’m taking my brains somewhere, not just my eyes where I can see the movie, I’m there to live the movie, so as I learn from it.

Some movie plots tend to provide awareness to a social complication, others focus on raising a heated debate. There’s more in a movie than just a group of actors performing lines, there are too many points to look into.

For example, In the new Netflix movie Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, the plot might come into first sight as weak, probably repeated and very similar to that of A Quiet Place. For some people, the movie was about a group of people who barely knew each other trapped in a house after a large number of mass suicides hitting the country. Although, a good look into the message conveyed from in between the lines, Eric Heisserer the screenplay writer gave us a preview of how our lives could’ve been if our welfare and living depended on one look in the wrong direction, only one moment of letting off and giving a false look at a false timing can cause troubles as severe as death. It somehow showed how important it is to care for children who aren’t yours, love them and protect them at all costs, even if it threatened your euphoria.


In the first series of the TV Show The 100, it showed how the hundred prisoners reacted to their release back to planet earth, as it was finally their time to be free, a vast number of the messengers chose the darker road of betraying their senders, that in return, had to think about reducing number of people living on the ark due to lack of oxygen. This might be an odd flex, but this much simulates the life of a child to strict parents, who when at last knows what freedom is, acts carelessly, and results in troubles as sever as death as well.

The time I spent watching movies and TV shows was not wasted. The hours I invested in entertaining myself, they also enriched me. I was subjected to new experiences that I’d have never seen in real life. I was introduced to different brains of different screenplay writers, them movies gave me a sense of how different individuals think, react or perceive matters. I was given a sense of emotional interaction with protagonists, and even direct actual interaction in the story-line itself, as in Netflix’s latest release Bandersnatch. 

If we watch movies the right way, we benefit in different directions; entertained, enriched and experienced. If we look at film plots from new angles, new perspectives, we see that cinema was not made only for entertainment, but also for engaging with a virtual world of our own. As a matter of fact, film junkies are the ones with the richest brains for a reason.

I’m a film junkie and I’m not lifeless, I live multiple lives instead.