Mohamed Salah: 4th fastest to strike a 50 Premier League goals landmark!

Our Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah never stops amazing us through constantly unlocking new achievements and honestly, we couldn’t have been any prouder. Just like the legend he is, Salah was able to score 2 goals for Liverpool in yesterday’s match against Crystal Palace at Anfield; marking his 50th Premier League goal and declaring himself as the fourth fastest player in the PL history and the first African to hit the 50-goal landmark in the Premium League.

Mo Salah was able to hit that landmark throughout 72 matches, some of which were while he played for Chelsea (2 goals) whereas the rest and the majority were scored throughout playing for Liverpool (48 goals).4AA9D17B-996E-4A0B-AB07-9B0F5971DEC1

With Salah’s rate now (72 appearances), which is the same as Fernando Torres and quicker than Sergio Aguero (81 appearances) and Thierry Henry (83 appearances), he might be expected to join the 100 goals’ club within less than 2 seasons!

When Salah got asked about Liverpool’s comeback in the second half of the match and how the 2 goals he scored had a huge share of the match’s results he said: “We talked to each other that we have to be strong mentally because it’s a tough time and this is the most important time for us. When you are struggling you have to be strong in mind so we talked together and the manager gave us information and we played well and deserved the win.”

Our king is clearly taking his games by the storm and is fully determined and well-focused on breaking through a milestone after another. It is wonderful how the world can shift towards you when you are passionate enough about something that you’re doing and Salah definitely earned every bit of recognition and success he’s getting.