Al-Azhar University Expels a Student After Hugging Her Fiancé On Campus

Earlier this month, a young man in Mansoura surprised one of Al-Azhar University’s female students with a proposal on campus. A video documenting the moment of him on his knees with flowers in his hands that ended with a hug was the main reason behind the girl’s expulsion from university.

People took it to social media to express their anger upon hearing about the action that ruined the girl’s moment. Some even where furious that the girl got expelled, while the guy didn’t face anything. However, some sources claim that this guy is already in trouble in his university while others say that he won’t face any problem because he’s not a student in Al-Azhar University.

“The expelled student now has the right to appeal the university’s decision before a high disciplinary board,” Ahmed Zarei, spokesperson of the university, told Ahram Online. He further explained that the student might be able to settle for a less severe punishment.