5 Affordable Getaway Destinations For Winter in Egypt That Will Help You Recharge Your Energy

It’s this time of the year again when summer is too far gone yet too far away. Everyone around me, be it a student or an employee, is slowly dying of routine, tasks, exams and deadlines. With all of us slowly transforming into zombies, I believe that this is the best time for a quick getaway.

Lucky for us, Egypt is full of places you can go to for a break without having to sell a kidney. This country has some of the best and most serene destinations one can go to and catch a breath before going back to work.

  1. Dahab

Probably Egypt’s most famous getaway destination in both winter and summer. The city of Dahab has the best of everything; beaches, food, nightlife, diving, stargazing, and anything else you can think of. The locals of Dahab are known for being the most helpful and welcoming. And it’s surprisingly affordable.

2. Ras Sudr


Another gem in Sinai, however, this one is way calmer. Ras Sudr is the place you’d go to when you want to mute all the noises of life. Spend your mornings watching kitesurfing enthusiasts, and in the night sitting there by the beach and enjoy the night gathering around a bonfire; all you need is a good book, a laptop with good movies, and a good company.

3. Nubia

Egypt’s golden land. When you head to El-Nuba, it feels like you’re out of this world. It’s a whole new experience maily shaped by the ultimately generous Nubian people. When in Nuba, prepare to see some of the most colorful walls and crocodiles being treated as pets. The place mainly consists of different islands, and each island tells a story.

4. Siwa

Credits: Unknown


The whole place is made for relaxation. Siwa, like every other place in Egypt, is more of a cultural experience rather than a destination. It offers some of the best water springs in the world, giving you nature’s finest jacuzzi. The city is also famous for sand surfing, safaris and real good food!

5. Fayoum

Credits: Yasser Hamdy


Now if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway that’s not very far away from the city, Fayoum is your go to destination. It’s best known for being serene with its beautiful scenery and enjoyable atmosphere. When in Fayoum, you’ll enjoy stargazing and bonfires like never before, that will recharge your energy once again.