Actress Zeina and Her Sister Deny Allegations of Attacking American Family in Dubai

Egyptian star, Zeina, goes to court again after all the Ahmed Ezz drama. The star faced charges from an Egyptian American family that claimed that both Zeina and her sister insulted them and physically attacked them while on vacation in the UAE.

At Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, actress Zeina, 38, and her sister, 41, each denied the incident and stated that the family was filming them while having dinner at Atlantis The Palm. However, no videos were found on the man, his wife or even the daughter’s phones.

“I swear to God that these people are not telling the truth. I am a famous actress and I would not attack anyone,” Zeina said in court.

The man and his wife are also facing charges of publicly attacking the star and her sister. The family also denied the incident.