Reasons Why Sahibet Al-Saada Esaad Younes is The Most Inspirational Egyptian Celebrity

Esaad Younes is one of the few Egyptian celebrities who have never made it to the news unless it was for something positive. The star has always had this halo of positivity surrounding her, granting her the title of Sahibet Al-Saada when she clearly does deserve it. Well, without further ado, Esaad Younes is one of the few people who manage to draw a smile on every face effortlessly, and she’s one of the most powerful ladies in the field right now. Wanna know why?

  1. Perfect representation of an Aries woman

Born on the 12th of April, Esaad Younes is a leader by nature. The woman goes beyond being an actress or a TV host, she runs two of the largest companies in the middle east; Al Arabia Cinema and Renaissance Cinemas. The woman practically controls the cinema industry, she does everything that is cinema related, and she does it perfectly. Starting from writing, to producing, acting and even all the managerial work, Esaad does it all. Talk about a powerful woman who knows what she’s doing. Being an Aries makes balancing being a boss lady and a nice woman an easy job for her!

2. She aged just like fine wine


When I look at Esaad Younes, growing older seem less scary. I mean, look at the woman; she’s ultimately beautiful, successful and enjoying every moment of her life. The way she dresses and wears make up definitely suit her personality. Her features, the fine lines in her skin are all signs of the good life and the numerous laughs she had, and it only adds up to her beauty. Esaad Younes did grow up gracefully, and as a woman, I want to be like her when I grow older.

3. She’s cheerful and that’s all we need in our lives


The woman radiates good vibes. Her episodes are full of laughs, warmth and happiness. I don’t even know which would be my favorite. The Disney songs? Masraheyat? When she talked to Dina El-Sherbiny and showed the whole world how beautiful she is? I don’t know. Every episode of Sahibet Al-Saada is a whole new story, she supports young talents, local production, show success and inspirational stories.

4. A food lover, just like us


When the world is cruel, we eat. Esaad does understand that, she introduces us to the best places that offer the most authentic food; from the best seafood places to Roz Be Laban, Koshari and Kebda, Esaad showed us the best of everything and we do appreciate that. She loves food and she doesn’t feel sorry, just like Joey, and US!

Esaad Younes does deserve the title of Sahibet Al-Saada for she gives us happiness all the time. The woman does know what she’s doing, she’s the perfect portrayal of a successful woman who fights for what she wants.