The First Teaser of ‘Blue Elephant 2’ is Released and Here’s What We Think About It

Back in November, we were all thrilled by the confirmation of a sequel to Marwan Hamed’s masterpiece, El Feel El Azraa’. That came after years of circulating rumors since the release of the first part of the Blue Elephant in 2014.

To top our excitement, a teaser of Blue Elephant 2 has been released a couple of days ago, leaving overly excited for the upcoming movie.

Over the 40 seconds, we see Dr. Yehia, the psychotherapist portrayed by Karim AbdelAziz, standing there with the famous DMT from Blue Elephant 1. The first part revolved around the character of Yehia who goes back to work at El-Abaseia Hospital to find himself working on a mysterious case related to an old friend.

The first part of the movie was an adaptation of Ahmed Mourad’s novel, and that’s why people -including myself- ended up comparing whatever we had in mind to what we saw on screen. However, this part is completely unexpected with even new cast members like Hend Sabry and Eyad Nassar.

According to news, this part revolves around Hend Sabry’s character. The star portrays a mentally disturbed woman following doctor Yehia throughout the whole movie.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Ahmed Mourad and Marwan Hamed, the duo has worked together in multiple projects including Torab El Mas and El-Asleyeen.