8 Weirdest Food-Related Laws Around The World

Most of us take our food for granted. We can eat whatever we want whenever we want, except if we have some kind of dietary restriction. But other than that, we rarely ever worry about what to eat (except if you’re choosing what to eat with your girlfriend) and most of all, we never worry if food is legal or not. However, different countries have different rules, some of them are understandable, some are annoying and some of them are just weird.

Below, we’ve gathered 8 of the weirdest laws related to food from around the world.

1- Ketchup? Non monsieur!


In France, students are not allowed to have ketchup on their food at school. The reason behind this is because the French government doesn’t want kids to grow up influenced by any other culture that their own, and since ketchup is an American thing, school kids have to find some other sauces for their fries.


Joey Doesn't Share Food

Joey Tribbiani would have loved living in Oklahoma, because apparently it’s illegal to take a bite of someone else’s burger! Seriously, the world has to start taking action in making this law universal!

3- No surprises for the kinder

via: Buzzfeed

Growing up, Kinder Surprise eggs were my favourite things in the world, and I couldn’t imagine the life of kids without them. Kids in the USA however have to, because Kinder Surprise eggs are strictly prohibited there. If you are caught smuggling them from Mexican or Canadian borders, you’re going to be charged $2,500 per egg!

4- When in Emirates, do as the Emiratis

I'm starving

If you ever plan to go to the Emirates, try to schedule your trip away from Ramadan, because there are strict laws that could get you to prison if you are seen eating or drinking when Muslims are supposed to be fasting. Unfortunately, yes; these laws apply for non-Muslims and yes; not even water.

5- Eat your vegetables or… throw them?

Throwing food

Bored in Belgium? Want to have some fun? Then how about getting some Brussels sprouts and throwing them at tourists? Weird enough, it’s perfectly legal to do that, and tourists cannot do a thing.

6- Fork and knife? What are hands for then?

Ron Weasley

There are two kinds of people; those who use forks and knives, and those who don’t. If you’re from the latter though, you’re going to find eating fried chicken in Gainesville, Georgia really enjoyable. The reason? You’re simply not allowed to use forks and knives for that.

7- Found guilty for owning and using… Gum!


If you’re one of those gum addicts who cannot just have their mouths empty of anything to chew, you are probably advised not to go Singapore like, EVER! Singapore has really strict laws banning the possession or use of gum, and if ever caught, you could be facing a really big fine.

8- Samosas are actually Christian


Yes, you’ve read correctly! The triangular shape of samosas, those cheesy snacks we have in Ramadan, actually resembles Christianity’s Trinity, and are therefore not permitted. At least that’s what the Islamic militants in Somalia say.

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