6 Types Of People We See In Every Egyptian Exam

It’s that dreadful time of the year again, that’s right it’s the Egyptian exams. So we thought we lift up students spirit by showcasing the 6 different individuals you meet in every Egyptian exam.

1. The Nerd (El-Daheeh)

We all know that person, always sitting in the front row during classes, reminding the teacher of exams and assignments, and when it’s the time for the exam he/she doesn’t even glance beside them or lift their eyes from the papers until they are done.

2. Mamma’s Boy (El-Metdala’a)


Walking into the exam with his mother’s prayers, this type is armed with everything mother related. Whether it’s her blessing, guidance, or home-made snack!

3. The Trouble Maker (El-Saye’a)

The person basically exist in every stage of our lives, he doesn’t want to do any work nor does he want the people around him to make progress as well. So he gains the nickname the trouble maker aka El-Saye’a by scaring the teachers to let him cheat during the exam.

4. The Lady’s Man (Bta’a El-Banat)

Using his charm to pass the test, the type relies of his good looks and his smooth tongue to manipulate the girl sitting beside in order to help him pass the exam with flying colors.

5. The Cheater (El-Ghashash)

Armored with days’ worth of making little cheating notes, these kind of people rely on their cat skills of quickly getting out their notes and papers during the exam without being spotted by the teachers.

6. The Careless (El-Mekabar Demagho)

And finally we reach the final type; The Careless! The person who doesn’t care if he/she passes or fails, there’s even a big change that they don’t even know what subject they’re being examined