The 5 Most Important Things to Take Care of When Implementing Your New Year’s Resolutions

2018 is finally over, with all the good and the bad, we survive, and it’s 2019! We often have high hopes and to make sure our hopes are met, we have to first identify our goals, and get rid of our bad habits, this is when it’s time for the “new year’s resolution”, and it’s different for everyone, some might want to lose weight, others might want to quit smoking or even change their lives in general. We often think that by the 1st of January we will wake up to find ourselves completely different people, the people we wrote about in our new year’s resolutions, but it doesn’t go this way.

Here’s how to make sure you get the best version out of yourself this year:

1- Forget about your mistakes:

Identifying your weakness in a thing and being so hard on yourself is another thing, know your weakness but never blame yourself for them, make peace with the things you lack so you can be prepared to change them.
2- Be realisitc:

We often think of our selves as losers because we couldn’t stick to our goals, when in fact our goals could be the problem, because we sometimes s human beings we want everything to be perfect, so we always tend to set the best of goals, even if they sound so unrealistic. Stay grounded, put small goals, they don’t have to be perfect, baby steps are fine.

3- Kill your number one enemy:

Procrastination and laziness are going to be one of your greatest enemies throughout your trip, if you managed to kill them, you are literally halfway there.
4- Know the truth, it’s going to be very difficult:

Things will never go smoothly, you will probably suffer in the beginning with the things you set for yourself, but If you managed to get through this stage knowing that the hard time will pass, you will surely be unstoppable. It just takes a lot of patience and persistence.

5- Track your progress:

giphy (1)
I get that you want immediate progress, you want to lost those 10 pounds be the end of the next week, but it takes time, and to be sure you are moving forward, you will have to keep an eye on your steps, even if you are taking a baby steps, they still count, it’s still moving forward and it’s still a progress even when it’s not as fast as you want it to be.

2019 is a fresh start. Make sure to do your best, and to forgive yourself for the things you were unable to do. Life is not always about the 1st of January or the end of December, you can start anytime as long as you’re still breathing.