5 Renewed TV Series Coming To Our Screen In 2019

With the beginning of the new year, people are hoping that it would be the start of new dreams, goals, and expectations! But things that it will surely bring are renewed and new seasons of some of the most acclaimed TV series that are currently on our screens. So here are five of the most popular TV series that you will have the chance to watch during the New Year.

1. Big Little Lies
Starting the list with of the most popular series of HBO, the miniseries is an adaption of the novel by the same name. Originally planned to be only a one season show, however, the network decided to pick it up for a second season after the positive reviews and feedback that they received. The series is scheduled to be aired around June

2. Black Mirror
One of the most talked abbot and discussed TV series that aired till this day; the series features stand-alone dramas that discusses dark aspects of today’s world and the growing use of machines and technology.

3. Brooklyn 99
After shocking all the viewers by canceling the hit comedy series Brooklyn 99, viewers took their anger and frustration to online social media and successfully brought back the series for a new sixth season to be picked up by NBC

4. Game of Thrones
The final season of the worldwide phenomena is finally coming to our screen this year, with episodes timed almost two hours long audiences are clutching their seats waiting for the ending of the one of the most heart-wrenching and unpredictable series to ever watch.

5. Marvel: The Punisher
One of the most viewed series on Netflix; the highly acclaimed comic adaptation is coming to the screen in mid-January. The news comes after that of the cancellation of Marvel: Dare Devil, which left the audience in fear of their favorite TV series getting the same fate.