‘Go Back to Where You Came From’: Racist Customer Insults Arabic-speaking Employees in Texas

Last week, a pissed off man in Dallas, Texas went on a racial rant and insulted two Macy’s store employees, claiming they spoke to him in Arabic as they helped him with his purchase. The customer was buying a purse and the woman behind the counter told him he needed to go to another part of the store to get his gift wrapped. That’s when he became infuriated; and demanded that the purse come with a box, so he wouldn’t have to stop somewhere else. And that’s supposedly when the employee started speaking in Arabic with a colleague of hers.

The video of the interaction was captured by a bystander who posted it on Twitter, on Christmas Eve, under the caption: “This man made two women cry after publicly humiliating them. Please help me find this awful guy’s information.”

Unfortunately, the user has now made his account private, but the video had already gone viral over the internet; as the man’s racist tirade caught much attention.

It begins with another customer defending the employee and telling the man that he is being disrespectful and needs to leave the store. “I don’t need to do sh-t,” he says and tells the manager to call security on the female shopper. “She’s interfering with my purchase!”

As the argument escalated, several other customers stood up for the staff. “Hey, I don’t speak Arabic,” the man said. “I’m in America. I want people to speak English to me”.

Another customer intervened, asking why the women’s language bothered him, and bystanders started to laugh when they learned that this squabble started because the man would not spend $1 or make any effort to get his gift wrapped. He then calls the crowd of people around him “a bunch of Democrats.”

“All you Arabs and Democrats. Go back where you came from,” said the cranky customer.

A different shopper, shocked by the scene, asked if the incident was “some kind of TV show” playing out.

“I cannot see how many Arabs came out of the woodwork,” he said in the video, walking away slowly. “Dude, you’re the snowflake here,” the person filming said. The customer then replied with an offensive gesture and foul language, urging him to “put him on YouTube.”

The vile-tempered man blindly suspected they were talking about him, all because he wouldn’t pay extra for a gift box for the item he had purchased. So, he based his argument on an assumption he made only because he felt offended as he didn’t understand what was being said around him.

After spewing his hate at the crowd, the racist conceded that he didn’t know what was actually being said by the women but asserted that they were ‘sort of’ talking to him.

The man was dubbed #GiftBoxBobby on Twitter and people have been wondering who he is and criticizing his atrocious demeanor on this very hashtag in many ways:

“We believe our Macy’s employees and customers should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. We aim to create a welcoming environment and we apologize for what occurred in our store,” a Macy’s spokesperson said, reassuring that they were investigating the incident.

Up to this moment, it has not been confirmed if the staff were speaking Arabic or not and no police report has been filed yet concerning the altercation.