5 Simple Yet Captivating Books That Will Make You Fall in Love with Reading

From the vintage lines of Shakespeare to the modern-day compositions of Stephen King and Dan Brown, Literature has always been the quintessential block of art that projects the insightful notions of its authors for the masses to examine. The ingeniousness of such craft had all producers around the world convey these writings visually, educing plenty of feature films and theatrical plays that were structured on the lines of literature pieces. To highlight the beauty of this genre of art, we scope 5 simple yet captivating books that will enrich your knowledge and enthrall your senses.

1- Angels and Demons

The commencement of the 21st century has brought about ultimate joy for bookworms, as the year 2000 has marked the blissful rise of Dan Brown as an acclaimed author with the release of Angels and Demons. Being the opener of the effusive Robert Langdon series, this book was received with utmost praises and recognition, which paved the road for the release of the 5 following parts of the Langdon’s universe. The novel is brimmed with soul-enriching information and riveting facts that are ably crafted in the plot’s thrilling atmospheres and nail-biting moods, which makes it a top-notch pick and a must-read book.

2- The Help

In her first literature work, author Kathryn Stockett has managed to make quite an impression with her debut novel The Help. Through her delicate choice of words and sensational narrations, she has successfully managed to turn back time to the year 1962, where we got to experience an ethereal story that pointed out the soulfulness of our human nature. Although the novel’s plot takes place in the state of Mississippi, the gist of it will definitely touch you even if you’re not knowledgeable of the American lifestyle, as you’ll relate to the story and feel for the characters. All these aspects speak of the book’s enticement, which had it edge out its contenders in the category and outclass 2009’s fictional novels.

3- Cairo Modern

People usually tend to think of Naguib Mahfouz’s pieces as bewildering titles, as they believe they comprise complex wording and puzzling connotations that are hard to decipher and relate to. To right these wrongs, we recommend you add Cairo Modern to your to-read list. Once you lay your eyes on the novel’s lines, you’ll instantly get pulled into its straightforward yet palpable plot that speaks of Mahfouz’s savviness, having predicted the awry demeanors that we eye in our modern-day routines despite the book’s release in 1945. The book is available in Arabic and English, so make sure you acquire your favorite version!

4- Utopia

Contrary to its name, Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s Utopia is centered on a dystopian world that depicts a tragic picture of Egypt in the year 2023; brimmed with clutter, frivolity and disorder. Such bizarre-at-the-time premise had all book lovers scramble to the bookstores to get their hands on the novel, which had it become one of the most impactful Egyptian writings in the 21st century. Since its release in 2008 and to this very day, Utopia is still regarded as an immaculate composition that’s still going strong in all the Best Seller charts, and it’s an adequate choice to kick off your quest with literary pieces!

5- ¼ Gram

One of the most mesmerizing aspects of art is the poignant influence it has on individuals. Such impact culminates when romantic productions induce utter contentment and when gripping thrillers elicit plenty of nail-biting and teeth-clenching moments. Likewise, biographical projects could majorly bolster inspiration, as is the case with Essam Youssef’s ¼ Gram. As it exhibits the ups and downs of a recovered drug addict’s life, the novel offers much room for Class-A drama that will surely trigger your emotions, which makes ¼ Gram an enthralling page turner. The wording of the book is simple and its proceedings are easy to visualize, so make sure you add it to your shopping cart as soon as you get the chance.