After renewing National IDs online, you can now register military certificates and travel permits online!

Since technology has been pretty advanced in the past few years and it can be seized to save a lot of time and energy, the Ministry of Interior launched a very special service on their website two weeks ago.

This service is offering the chance to all Egyptian citizens to apply for or renew their National ID, without spending so much time in offices and waiting in very long queues.

The steps are very simple, here they are:

1- Just log into the website here

2- Select National ID services.

3- Select the type of service you want whether it’s a renewal, a submission for a lost or damaged ID, or even applying for the first time.

4- Fill in all the required information. 2CD241D1-F9FB-4131-82C3-A9451F1C99E4 D517B339-1314-418B-BB7B-4D618C353AFA 69EBD484-BE97-43A8-9956-5E68E6E1F2C4 6AFDFE48-8716-48FF-99B6-6A40AAFA3178The last step is just selecting the payment method you want, whether it will be by credit card or delivery cash. The delivery costs just 10LE.

Aligning with this service, another one has been offered in order to register for military certificates and travel permits. The steps are very similar to the previous service. The website has also a service that will help you out in any trouble you might encounter when you’re working with it.