Was 2018 a really bad year after all?

With the new year coming, we often refer to the past year as the worst of all years, saddest year that was full of disappointments. We don’t often realize it but this is how it goes, no matter how many good memories that we have made through out the year, we just forget it, we let go of all the great things and just focus on the negatives. I can hear you saying in the back of your head that 2018 did you bad, and that perhaps it is one of the worst years that has ever passed you by. But don’t we all think this way at every year?

Having things going wrong in life is actually part of life

With every new year, we have high hopes of how great our year is going to be, and when the slightest inconvenient thing happens, we assume it’s not our year, and we start to think of fixing it the next year. You just keep expecting ultimate happiness, expecting your roller-coaster to only go up. However, you must understand that roller-coasters are meant to go up and down, and that’s part of the fun too. You just need to understand that having bad days doesn’t mean you had a bad year.

Going through pain won’t kill you, you’ll be alright

Perhaps one of the things that let a year hard to forget is pain. When in pain, we want time to pass us by as fast as possible, maybe this explains why we always wait for the new year to come with the hopes we have and help us out of our pain. Maybe time can heal and kill the pain, but assuming that we will never feel pain again perhaps has the power to kill us too. Pain will leave, but it will come again to pay a visit, that’s how life is, and I am sorry for that! However, when it comes, try to stay as strong as you can till it leaves again.

If you really think about it, 2018 wasn’t that bad… 

Count your blessings, I know you have heard this sentence quite a lot, but think of the new things you have experienced this year, think of the bad timings and how you survived them, think of the good things you have made for the people around you, the things as received as well. Try to think of the things you are proud of this year, think of a one random act of kindness that someone has made for you, even if it’s a stranger smiling at you in the street, it would still count. Even if you can’t really think of any of things i mentioned, trust me, they are there, maybe you just can’t see them clearly right now.

Have a deep look on your year, you will realize it did have some good stuff for you, maybe you don’t realize it now, and maybe this year hasn’t really been good to you, but no matter what happened you have to deeply believe it’s for the best and that no matter how bad things went, there were surely some good stuff too that you need to be thankful for. And if 2018 hasn’t been good to you, I hope 2019 will.