Bushra Releases Her “Cobra” and People Clearly Dislike It

Let’s go back in time to four months ago, and try to remember what was the biggest trending topic in Egypt that everyone was talking about. Need a hint? It was Number One and El Malek (The King). Back in June, Mohamed Ramadan released his song/video clip, Number One, followed by El Malek in August. Both in which he was mostly bragging about himself, the things he accomplished, the things he owns, and the fact the he’s the best. Social media exploded at the time with people loving, people hating, and people who just couldn’t care less, just like what happens with every other trend. The topic becomes trendy, everyone starts giving their opinions on social media, people start making memes about it (my personal favourite part) and then the topic slowly dies.

Apparently though, this is not going to be the case with this specific trend, because Bushra has just released a song of her own, clearly criticizing Ramadan and his songs!

Ok, the first thing that caught my attention was not Bushra’s weird dancing, or the timing of the video, or the comments of the people (we’ll get to that part later). The first thing that caught my attention was the disclaimer in the beginning of the video that looked so familiar to me. Rings any bells?


Now of course Bushra doesn’t mention Ramadan by the name at all in the video, and there is no clear statement that she’s even talking about him. However, as soon as I started listening to the song, I couldn’t mistake “he thinks he’s the only one in the club”, “he’s not even number 70” and the #1 hand gesture the masked model was doing to mean anyone else other than Ramadan.

I’m going to try as much as I can not to be biased, and to leave you guys give your own opinions on stuff like the music, the lyrics and the video clip. What I can’t not talk about is fact that Bushra also brought a lion to her clip. The only difference between her and Ramadan though, is that the lion in Bushra’s video was given an anesthetic to be asleep. What makes it even worse is that we can see Bushra going near the drugged lion holding a cat, and we can see the fear on the cat as Bushra gets it closer to the lion! Call me old-schooled, but that was such a pathetic thing to be done just to put it in a song’s video.

I know that earlier I said that people were divided between lovers and haters after Ramadan’s songs, but we have to acknowledge the fact that the amount of people who hated the songs were way more than the people who loved them, and the case is not so different with Bushra’s song. A lot of people took it to the comments section backlashing on her, reminding her that they still haven’t forgotten the whole Gouna Film Festival situation. Some people even questioned Bushra’s intentions; is this a kind of advice? If she’s advising Ramadan, should she spend all that budget on it? Won’t a a Whatsapp text be more efficient? Is she using his name for attention? What are all those weird costumes? People took it to the comments to ask all those questions and more. Here’s how Facebook users reacted to the song:


From his side, Ramadan only posted a video of his fans singing his songs with a caption stating that that’s what his fans have to say to the one with “the cat.” He also used a hashtag sending a message that he’s proud of his skin color, clearly the black masked guy from Bushra’s video was annoying!

It’s worth mentioning that Mohamed Ramadan is currently working on the release of his new single, Ana Mafia. Apparently all the budget spent on Bushra’s song went in vain and Ramadan will just keep doing his thing.

Well, something tells us that this is not over, and a lot more action is yet to come.