15 Egyptian Movies and TV Shows That Redefine “Family”

A captivating, heartwarming movie or series can be considered among the best solutions to, not only sit back, relax and have fun; but also get inspired to solve your problems, which in this case; are family ones.

Throughout Egyptian history, we’ve seen movies and TV shows that send millions of messages about the importance of family, bonding and close family ties.

Here’s a list of some that will remind you that family is everything:

  1. 3a’elet Zizi (1963)

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There are no two ways about it; this 60s production is one of the best Egyptian movies ever made. It is the perfect blend between funny and purposeful.

“- لو مصيبة واحدة كانت تهون، مصيبتين كانت تتبلع، لكن تلاتة؟
– أربعة يا ماما!”

  1. Om El 3arousa (1963)

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This comedy-drama is about two hard-working parents who have to work even harder to meet the over-the-top demands of their daughter’s parents-in-law for her wedding. It brings on the warm family atmosphere and the closeness and support between family members.

  1. El Hafeed (1974)

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Considered to be the 2nd part of “Om El 3arousa”, this movie goes further in enhancing the warmth and intimacy among families. It erases the gap between parents and their multi-aged children and highlights the fact that no matter what, family will be there for you.

  1. 3a’elet El Ostaz Shalash (1990)

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A comedy series about the daily life of a professor, and the large number of paradoxes that arise through his relationship with his wife and children. It promotes fundamental family values in a righteous manner that we no longer enjoy.

  1. Yawmeyat Wanees (1994)

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It is one of the most popular Egyptian TV series of all time. With its 8 seasons, this show presents the hard side of parenthood. It presents an ideal character trying to raise his children in a not-so-ideal world. The family faces real struggles in a social, comedic frame.

  1. Abo El 3arousa (2017)

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A light comedy series that spreads positivity and tries to bring back long lost values through a plot revolving around a middle class family and their everyday life. It approaches problems that arise between couples, siblings and even between parents and children due to different age gaps and society pressures. It also addresses problems between families of different classes; so if anything speaks “family”, that’s it!

  1. 3a’elet Zizo (2017)

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We had Zizi and now we have Zizo, in a series about a contemporary family and their everyday life. It has meaningful dialogues, a brilliant cast and a number of comic situations that will definitely brighten your day, and remind you of the importance of family.

  1. El Dada Doody (2008)

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This comedy movie revolves around a girl with no babysitting experience, who ends up working as a nanny for six mischievous children. It gives a closer look at the conflicts faced by children and teenagers.

  1. Hob El Banat (2004)

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When it comes to family, siblings are often the most annoying, yet the most supportive and the ones we love the most. It’s a light movie that tackles sisterhood through the story of three sisters who, although didn’t get along in the beginning, stood together through thick and thin.

  1. 3a’elet El Hag Metwally (2001)

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There is probably no family in Egypt that hasn’t watched this comedy drama series. It addresses polygamy and the problems associated with it, yet still proves that, at the end of the day, it’s your family who will always stay and back you up, even if its stepfamily.

  1. Lan A3eesh Fi Gelbab Aby (1995)

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Another series for Nour El-Sherif, only this time it’s a story of close family ties and validation that family goes beyond everything because if only one member of the family falls from the circle, everything is never the same.

12. El Saba3 Banat (1961)

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An adorable movie about a hardworking man, who has to raise his seven daughters alone after the death of their mother. It’s about parenthood, sisterhood, dealing with life’s hardships and confronting social circumstances – with just the right mix of comedy, romance and drama.

13. 3a’elet Mickey (2010)

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A movie about a middle-class family and the difficulties they face in their daily life. It’s real, it’s edgy and it’s relatable.

  1. Hadeeth El Sabah W El Masa’ (2001)

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Probably the biggest family tree in Egyptian TV history was portrayed in this unique drama series. It dates the social and political history of Egypt through three main characters and branches of their children and grandchildren. It follows their conflicts, their relationships and their attitudes towards life and the country. Despite the obvious differences, the three families share a lot.

  1. El Tofan (2017)




In this dramatic series, we see a family’s relationships and ethics being put into question throughout a twisted plot where everything changes and “family” ends up being either everything or nothing.

There is no doubt that these movies made us think of how important family is, and we are sure there is a lot more! Tell us in the comments what movies or TV shows you think speaks “family”!