Norwegian Police Confirms The Viral Video of The Murder of The Two Girls is Real

via: The Guardian
DISCLAIMER: Before anything we would like to say that there is a viscous video of the incident being shared online on social media. The video is so graphic and disturbing and will leave anyone who sees it in shock and feelings of unease. We strongly recommend that should you come across that video, do NOT attempt to watch it and try to avoid it at all causes, for the sake of your own psychological and mental stability.

Earlier this week, two Scandinavian women were found dead in their tent near Imlil, Morocco in a popular tourist spot in the Atlas mountains where they were camping.

A video that shows the incident has been posted online, which shows the girls being beheaded. In the video you can also hear the men who did this saying things like “enemies of Allah” and “revenge for our brothers in Hajin”, referencing to a town in Syria that was recently lost by the so-called Islamic State to US forces.

The video is still being investigated by the Danish police, while the Norwegian police has confirmed that the video is legit.

The Moroccan police arrested the three suspects who, according to CNN, have been seen with the two victims in their hotel in Marrakesh. The three suspects have been identified as shown in the picture as Rachid Afatti, Ouaziad Younes and Ejjoud Abdelsamad, shepherds aged between 25 and 33. Nine more arrests were made on Thursday and Friday for “suspected links”.

via: Moroccan police
via: Moroccan police

The bodies of the 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark, and the 28-year-old Maren Ueland were discovered by two French hikers on Monday, who were horrified by the scene, and were flown from Casablanca to Copenhagen on Friday.

via: Article19
via: Article19

On Thursday, the Danish prime minister Løkke Rasmussen announced that the murders can be considered “politically motivated and thus an act of terror”. However, the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, said that terrorism “is not the only lead being investigated in Morocco”.

The killings were described by the Moroccan spokesman Mustafa Khalfi to be an “act of terror”, while the Moroccan prime minister, Saad Eldeen Othmani, said it was a “stab in the back of Morocco and Moroccans”.

Investigators believe the killers used Jespersen’s phone to send photos of the murders to her contacts, as Jespersen’s mom, Irene, was spammed with the uncensored pictures of the beheaded girls on her Facebook profile.

Friends and family of the two girls have been pleading with social media users not to watch the videos/photos of the incident, which are still being shared on multiple social media platforms.

Our hopes are high that the inhumane criminals who committed that viscous crime would sentenced as soon as possible, and for the friends and families of the two girls to find justice and peace. Our condolences to anyone who ever knew the girls during their life.