Two Years After Marwan Younis’ “Slap Me” Video: Not Courses Guys is Still Not Over it and Things Get More Intense, Again

A lot can change over the course of two years. I mean, in two whole years, trends come to life and die. Over the past two years, we qualified to the World Cup, were proud of Mohamed Salah for at least 10,000 times, the whole Egyptian population hated Ramos, witnessed the transitions in Amr Diab’s relationship, watched Rami Malek prove how talented he is, and that’s just what’s on the top of my mind. While everything is changing, the guy named Mahmoud from Not Courses is still stuck in 2016.

It all started two years ago, when Marwan Younis dropped his ‘Sla3p Me‘ video criticizing the way Mahmoud was pronouncing and even teaching people to speak in what he assumes to be the ‘real American accent‘.

Now, after two whole years, Mahmoud came back with another video mentioning Younis’ video again and claiming that he’s more knowledgeable than both Oxford and Cambridge. Yes, you read that right, OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE.

Well, there are so many things going wrong with this video. I mean, we’ve all watched movies and heard songs, some have even interacted with real Americans, and no, Mahmoud, they don’t speak your way. While a concept can be right, but the way you present it and YOUR ACCENT are definitely not ‘perfect’ in any way. And truth be told, if people do use your accent in movies or songs, I don’t believe anyone would be able to watch more than 15 seconds of the whole thing. On another level, as a teacher, I had to say that your teaching approach is just too repelling. Even your comments, stating that you’re confused how people don’t understand while your young kids do? I don’t even know what that is.

The best part about this is that we got to watch Marwan Younis sla3p back -sorry guys, I had to- in a video. Younis invited Not Courses’ founder to a real conversation between the both of them on his NRJ show next Thursday. In his video, Marwan stated that not even once did we hear Mahmoud speaking about vocabulary or grammer, which are basically the essence of the English language.

Well, that challenge is something we’re definitely looking up to. We do need one good laugh before the year ends and who’s better than Marwan Younis to give us that.