Social Media: Misleading Intimacy or Savior in Long Distance Relationships?

There are for sure both positive and negative effects of social media, but at the end, it all depends on the way one uses it. One heated debate is whether social media really helps long distance relationships go on or does it only create deceptive intimacy between the couple for no good?

Lately, social sites have been drastically improving with eyes all set onto bridging the gap between the furthest locations on the map. As per this scope widening, it becomes easier to communicate over long distances, which accounts for an opportunity for couples in long distance relationships to maintain a proper connection for the sake of a proper relationship.

The logic behind diminishing the distance between humans is not new, it just got developed into something more efficient. See, text-based communication is not something new to man-kind, yet it was very primitive at times back then, but at the point where we stand now, technology have even identified – communication as an insufficient way of connecting to bridge the gap properly between humans at different parts of the world, thus, social media sites made use of adding newly developed and advanced technological gadgets to make the communication feel more sentimental, whether by adding emojis, voice recordings or video chatting features, digital communication through social platforms has really helped in carrying most long distance relationships to the right track.

However, there are gaps in being fully dependable on social media in dating. The virtual connection is good for a bit of it, but not for the whole period, as anything that’s virtual is still not real, so all the butterflies are not really there and the person you love is not really there too. That’s one big disadvantage in relying on social media, as good as it is in saving a long distance relationship from crashing, it could create clouds of delusional intimacy and give you fake feelings that might sometimes feel profound, but they’re actually not true at all. It makes us get used to the idea of just being virtual, it gives a feeling of not needing real-life intimacy, it makes things awkward in person when you get used to your partner’s presence only online.

See, it could go both ways in general. As much as social media is a vital savior in long distance relationships, it can be an impediment in the way for a stable and proper relationship where all the feelings are heavily acquainted between both sides. It all depends on the two people in the situation, each couple make their choice: Will social media drown us in the middle of nowhere, or will it safely carry us to the heavens?