Orascom Holds Control of The Pyramids For The Next Few Years

Last Thursday, Orascom signed a 15 year contract with the Supreme Council of Antiques that gives Orascom the privileges to be the sole manager of the area of the Pyramids. The contract declares Orascom to be responsible for improving the services for the tourists in the area.

The company is to provide all sorts of services for tourists including eco-friendly shuttle buses, souvenir and gift shops, fast-food outlets and a movie theatre. The place is also set to have mobile bathrooms, a mobile medical centre and is expected to be provided with high-speed WIFI.

Orascom will also be in control of the stables for horse and camel riding, meaning that they will be responsible for paying the stable owners fixed wages and giving them proper training oh how to deal with tourists. They will also be providing them with uniforms to give them a more professional look that will make it easier for tourists to spot them.

In his first announcement with Akbar El Youm, Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris said that the main reason for signing that contract is not making profit, but to upgrade the level of the services provided in such a historically significant part of the world.

Better get ready for some significant changes in the quality of service in the pyramids, because it doesn’t get any more exciting!