Another memorable Anfield European night for liverpool

Another magical melwood night for liverpool, and a heroic night for our egyptian king as usual. On the 6th day of the UCL’s group stage matches, and the crucial situation that liverpool has been going through, all they needed to qualify for the knockout stage was to score one goal against Napoli and they are through, and the scorer? well, who else? it’s Mohamed Salah.e0d56acd-7073-4b39-a8c4-f0506a904bfa

The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was asking for the fan’s support for that tough match, he was sure that all they needed to qualify was an Anfield Europen night and that with the support of their amazing fans they can make it through.Well, He was right to never doubt the Anfield power.
After Salah scored a hat-rick against Bournemouth the last Saturday afternoon in the primmer league, it was obvious he was going to be a threat to Napoli, they tried to stop him but he stepped in to secure liverpool’s their qualification with an amazing goal, and with a brilliant save from the Brazilian liverpool’s goalkeeper Allison Becker at the last minutes, Liverpool were able to win the match with a 1-0 against Napoli and qualify.12366ac8-3d57-4592-9cb7-3f1fc2dc45c3

The Egyptian king apparently is clicking once again, proving to all that he isn’t and never was a one season wonder! But can he repeat Gerard’s history?af3b95bf-1120-4a48-840a-bbbbb73a7764

Liverpool’s history was full of heroic moments just like last night’s match against Napoli, In 2005, liverpool suffered till the last match day in the group stage as well, and all they needed was to win the match to qualify, and that’s when the iconic Steven Gerrard stepped in and scored in the last minutes against Olympiacos to secure Liverpool’s place to the knockout stage with a 3-2 win. On that exact year liverpool won their 5th Champions league title. Can liverpool repeat history this year and make the 6th title? Well, they said they want to win everything this year, but so do all the other clubs.