#GoingSuccessful: Sarrah Abdelrahman Proves That the Road To Success Starts With Being a Good Human

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When we started #GoingSuccessful, our main goal was to find people with real and inspirational success stories. People who fought to be where they are today. And well, if anyone fits every single criteria of a successful person, it’s definitely Sarrah Abdelrahman.

Sarrah, or how she prefers to be called “The Daughter of the Internet”, started out young. She had her blog, Sarrah’s World, later, she moved to Salizone, and then she was introduced to the world of TV and Cinema. But that’s nothing new, we’ve all heard the story at least a million times before. We’re here to go beyond that, showing the things that Sarrah does beyond acting, the things that made the whole population deeply love her personality.

In our community, we have always been concerned with fashion, styling, and what everybody wears at all kinds of events, specifically if “everybody” is famous. We tend to give special attention to what celebrities wear, but lately, this amount of attention has been increasing by leaps and bounds. We watch for fun, we watch to criticize but more importantly, we watch to get inspired.

For that matter, Egyptian rising artist Sarrah Abdelrahman is the perfect icon to inspire us in many aspects in the simplest and easiest of ways. Known on social media under the name sarrahsworld, Sarrah Abdelrahman has been turning eyes for the past few months for more than a reason. But what everybody seems to be missing, is that Sarrah has always been worthy of observing for many reasons including:

  • Her encouragement to Egyptian brands and industries

Taking advantage of her wide acclaim and ability to reach a number of audience, Sarrah Abdelrahman sends out a message to the world in support of Egyptian brands and the Egyptian industry as a whole. Not only does this apply on fashion and clothing brands, but it also includes all kinds of products and even startups.

  • Her tendency to work with Egyptian designers

Events and festivals tend to give us exceptional opportunities to witness the elegance and charm of our beloved female stars. Nevertheless, only a few of them glow separately. Sarrah Abdelrahman happens to be one of those with her compelling and meaningful choices, inciting us to always be proud of her.  As inspiring as she is, she always backs up Egyptian designers. We see a clear manifestation of this, as she’s been working with Mohanad Kojak ever since he started out, and until this moment. She also works with and supports many other Egyptian designers, such as Amna El Shandaweely and Dina Shaker.

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آخر رد كاربت ليا في مهرجان مراكش و بكل فخر لابسة تللي صعيدي تصميم شيماء النجار من سوهاج، التللي هو فن نسيج الفضة بأشكال و تصاميم مختلفة على التل، تراث مصري بقاله قرون. الچاكت نفسه تصميم أمنة الشندويلي اللي دايما بتشتغل بأقمشة تقليدية من كل حتة في مصر. الشنطة التللي من أختين، الفضة تصميم ساندبوكس و الستايلينج أحمد سرور. Last red carpet for me at the Marrakesh International Film Festival and proudly wearing Egyptian Saidi Talli designed by Shaimaa Al Naggar from Sohag. Talli is the art of weaving silver on tulle, Egyptian heritage that has been around for centuries.The suit is designed by @amnaelshandaweely Amna who always aces working with traditional fabrics from all over Egypt. Talli bag is by @okhtein ,silver jewelry is by @sandboxsu and the styling is by @ahmedwsorour

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  • Her simplicity

One of Sarrah Abdelrahman’s most impressive looks was the navy blue velvet dress she wore to Cairo International Film Festival’s (CIFF) closing ceremony. Here look was merely simple, sleek, and chic, until we learned the whole story, and it was quite surprising. This dress was a second-hand piece that she bought from the used clothes section in “Wekalet El Balah” for EGP 370 only. And through that minimalistic look, she takes a strong stand against the consumption concept, meaning that she refuses to buy things with high prices yet no value and also things that have been manufactured by employees working under inhumane conditions.

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من أكتر الحاجات الممتعة في شغلي هي فرصة إني أتعامل مع مصممين أزياء و ستايليستس شاطرين للتعبير عن نفسي من خلال اللبس. ‏بس لحفل ختام مهرجان القاهرة اخترت إني البس فستان اشتريته من وكالة البلح (حتة الهدوم المستعملة) ب ٣٧٠ جنيه. تقليل الاستهلاك من الحاجات الشخصية اللي باقدر اعملها عشان احافظ على البيئة.. يعني "باوزع" اللي مش باستخدمه، مابشتريش غير اللي محتاجاه و لو اشتريت.. اشتري مستعمل، مش حاجة متصنعة جديد اتصرف عليها فلوس كتير و صنّعها عمال في ظروف غير آدمية. فيه فكرة كدة ان ممكن يُعتبر "عيب" مثلا ان الواحد يلبس حاجة مستعملة. بس انا حبيت اثبت (لنفسي أولا) ان من السهل اني الاقي حاجة مستعملة لائقة للمناسبة و في نفس الوقت مستدامة/صديقة للبيئة.بالتأكيد مش باقدر اعمل كدة طول الوقت زي ما باتمنى بس اهو اديني باخد خطوات صغيرة 🙂 شكر خاص لأحمد سرور و صالون الصغير و كايروزوم.

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On a relevant note, we see how she takes black to a whole new level and goes for classic, modest and uncluttered looks.

  • Her eco-friendly choices

In the second edition of El Gouna International Film Festival (GIFF), Sarrah defied the status quo and dazzled us with a statement piece rather than haute couture. She took over the red carpet with a sharp-edged crop top and pants. The outfit was designed by Esmeralda Rahman and made by Up-fuse, a lifestyle brand and social enterprise, that promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing environmentally and socially responsible products that support local communities in Egypt. Sarrah aimed to raise awareness about plastic pollution and in turn, highlight the potential of recycling. So, her top was entirely made out of 30 plastic bags upcycled by women from “Roh El Shabab” NGO at Manshyet Naser. The aspiring artist employs her fame to have a positive impact on the environment as she believes that being in the spotlight is a responsibility and an opportunity to be used wisely. Isn’t she one to look up to?

  • Her boldness

Apart from wearing a piece composed of plastic, Sarrah ventures with new and attention-grabbing styles and colors like no one is watching! But trust me, we should be and we are.

  • Her unique casual outfits

Whether it’s how she dresses for a casual event, or even her everyday ottds, she has a unique style that we can’t ignore!

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عشان توصل للمنظر دة، محتاج الأول تنزل الابليكيشن بتاعة الفلاتر اللي بتخلي اي صورة شكلها حلو فشخ ف تكتشف ان الابليكيشن بفلوس و تقول تمام مانا كنت جايب كارت عليه فلوس.. فجأة تفتكر ان الكارت الايتيونز اللي جيبته اول ما جبت التليفون خلصت معظمه على سيوف اضافية شكلها حلو في لعبة فروت نينچا. تمام عندك ٢ دولار و محتاج ٩٩ سنت بسيطة، تنزل عشان تجيب كارت كمان ماتلاقيش ولا كارت في السوق عشان البلد فيها تعويم و دي سلعة استفزازية ف تحتج على الواقع الأليم انك تلبس اسود و تنزل في ال"ماچيك اور" او ساعة السحر اللي هي قبل المغرب على طول عشان تخلي الصورة شكلها حلو فيلتر رباني اهو و مش عايزين حاجة من حد.

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  • How she is comfortable in her own skin

Sarrah Abdelrahman’s role as Heba in “Sabe3 Gar” gave us a clue of who she really is as a person; a relatable and spontaneous girl who lives naturally. She embraces her natural hair, dresses to her comfort and doesn’t wear make-up all the time like she is faking it. She really is not. (See why you should watch “Sabe3 Gar”)

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اما تكون داخل على سنة دراسية جديدة ف تحاول تعمل المستحيل عشان تكون مختلف ف تقرر انك هاتخلي شكلك طبيعي و مش هاتروح قبل المحاضرات للكوافير عشان تعمل شعرك ويڤي على واسع زي اغلب بنات الجامعة ف تكتشف ان اصلا انت متأخر في الخطوة دي و ان فيه جروب عالفيسبوك اسمه "ذا هير اديكت" كله بنات بطلت تستخدم اي سشوار و ان دلوقتي الموضة ان البنت تنزل بشعرها الطبيعي ف تقرر انك تجيب اكتر حاجة ملعلطة في السوق و تنزل بيها في وضح النهار عشان تتأكد انك هاتبان.

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Beyond her incredible fashion choices, Sarrah Abdelrahman is a must-follow social activist and actress. She is outspoken, daring, relatable, funny, and very talented. And whether it’s through her art or style, Sarrah always has something to say! Isn’t she just gorgeous?