Mazen Yassen and Coucla Raafat Send a Powerful Message From the World and To the World

William Ward once said “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” and for Mazen Yassin, who is known as ‘Just A GoProer’, and photographer Coucla Refaat it all started with an invitation to attend the World Youth Forum 2018 that was held in Sharm El Sheikh.

Via JustAGoProer

With almost 5,000 young people from 163 different countries with amazing potential from all over the world, it was apparent that it was too big of an opportunity to miss. Those two creative men took the opportunity for granted and decided to come up with an idea of connection and communication; a message from the world, to the world; hoping that this video would cultivate unity among the diverse people attending the forum, and around the world.

In an era where everything seems to happen so fast and where many feel like they are all alone in their struggles and are constantly trying to keep up and catch up, sometimes feeling like their efforts are going to waste. We took the opportunity of being in the same place with youth from 163 different countries to send a message. We wanted the world to know that we all share the same feelings.” – Mazen Yassen & Coucla Refaat.

Via JustAGoProer

This is not the first time Mazen impresses us with his unique and exotic videos. But,this video is one of many amazing videos that he has sent out into the world Forum. Mazen, Coucla and everyone that made this video happen; we urge you not to stop here. We want everyone to know that life is not the micro moments shown through social media. That behind it lays effort, time and perseverance. That we all share the same feelings and go through similar experiences and that all we need to do is to keep going, learn from our failures, and continue to strive to reach what we are aiming for.