Danish Photographer Claims to Have Climbed the Pyramid to Capture Nude Art and Egypt Denies the Incident

Well, moving on from Rania Youssef’s dress scandal that has captured all the media’s attention worldwide, now we have got a new issue to start freaking out about.

Nudity on top of the pyramids. Yes, you’ve read it right. The Danish photographer, Andreas Hvid, posted a picture of him with a female friend on top of the pyramid on his Instagram account with the caption “Nude art atop the Great Pyramid of Giza!”

Hvid added a video link that shows the two of them climbing the pyramid at night, waiting till sunrise, and having sex! The video’s caption reads as follows “In late November 2018, a friend and I climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza (a.k.a. Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Cheops)”

The picture is found on Andreas website with the title “Pyramid Fuck,” the website also includes a number of other nude pictures in unusual and exotic places.

According to Vetogate, the General Director of the Pyramids Area, Ashraf Mohy, says that upon examining the video he found that it is fabricated. Adding that the lighting that appears in the video doesn’t look like the real lighting found in the area, and the rock sizes are smaller than the real size as well.

Mohy also assured that the tourism police officers don’t allow anyone inside the area after the official visiting times which end at 5 pm.

It’s worth mentioning that the photographer’s number of followers jumped with an average of 2000 new followers overnight. The issue is gaining popularity amongst Egyptians and non-Egyptians alike.

The matter is still unfolding and we are not sure if it is real or fabricated, but we sure hope it turns out to be fabricated as it is a huge disrespect for our history and ancestors.