Everything you need to know about Rise Up Summit happening this weekend 7-9 December 2018.

The current young generation in the Middle East is a generation of its own. A generation that dreams big more than the previous ones. A generation that aims to change the society for the better. In the past few years, we’ve been witnessing the creation of startups and major companies that affected the lives of each one of us, since they aim to make our lives easier.

If you’re a young entrepreneur and want to start your own startup/company, or already started one but you want to know how to pursue the way to make your project grow, then Rise Up is definitely for you.

Rise Up summit is the biggest Middle East’s biggest entrepreneurship summit, and this year it’s holding its 6th edition at The Greek Campus in Downtown Cairo, this weekend 7-9 December 2018.

This year’s Summit is about accepting failures in order to pursue the road to success. Indeed, the speakers are some of the Middle East’s most successful entrepreneurs who failed at the beginning of their journey, but definitely became as successful as they aimed.

The three days do not only offer a big variety of speakers, but also workshops of all kinds, different activities, and an exposure to the most successful local startups.

Rise Up is definitely a life changing experience and a window to future Egypt. The Summit is attended by people of all kinds, from young students to big celebrities who get equally inspired by the success stories surrounding them. Indeed, Hend Sabri was a success story herself last year, since she discussed in her talk about being the chairman of Tayarah, a creative company!

We’re very excited for this weekend, and for what these three days will have to offer us! Make sure you won’t miss it!